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Eye Treatments

EYE LASH TINT £13.00Book now

EYE BROW TINT £8.50Book now


EYE BROW SHAPE £10.00Book now


LASH LIFT £45.00Book now

The Lash Lift dyes and curls your natural eyelashes making them look longer, thicker and opens up the eyes. The treatment lasts about 8 weeks and is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.


STRIP LASH APPLICATION - 15mins £20.00Book now

Includes your choice of reuseable Eyelashes.


EYELASH EXTENSIONS - 120mins £80.00Book now

Indiviual lashes are applied one by one to your own lashes. Giving you added length and thickness. To keep your lashes looking great in fills are required every 3-4 weeks.

EYELASH IN FILLS - 2 weeks £25.00Book now
EYELASH IN FILLS - 3 weeks £35.00Book now
HALF SET OF LASHES £45.00Book now



Trained by world renowned master lash artist and judge in the global lash industry Loreta Jasilionyte and using the very best lashes by Flawless Lashes we can create a much fuller look than Classic individual eyelash extensions. Volume lashes are created using handmade fans consisting of multiple ultra-fine lashes attached to one natural lash, giving a lightweight and full effect even on very sparse or fine natural lashes

VOLUME IN FILLS – 2 weeks £45.00

VOLUME IN FILLS – 3 weeks £60.00

Lashes are completely unique and we can mix and match techniques to suit individual requirements including a Volume Boost to your Classic eyelash extensions. Please speak to your therapist for more details. A patch test is required prior to Tinting, lash lift and Eyelash extension services

A patch test is required prior to Tinting, lash lift and Eyelash extension service.